Benefits working with a recruitment agency

Are you a healthcare professional looking for your next role?

Did you know Healthcare recruiters can help you find a placement quicker and easily? Here are just some of the reasons you should work with a recruitment agency:

1. Quick turnaround

A healthcare recruiter plays a huge part in arranging contracts and permanent staffing for roles, as well as arranging last-minute temporary roles.

Making the process smoother and easier is one of the goals of recruiters especially when they work with agency workers, so they will save time in the process by interviewing candidates early on and learning what their availability is from day one.

2. They understand your needs

A healthcare recruiter is not there for just a quick meeting or consultation, they are there to build a relationship with you, understand your needs, and will get to know everything so that they can help you. They want you to succeed in your next role, so they will take the time to work out what your goals are, what career path you want to go down, and what it is you looking for in your next role.

Recruiters will also take the time to work with you to show how you make yourself more appealing to hiring managers and how to keep your name on file, whenever an opportunity perfect for them appears.

3. They have strong relationships within the industry

A healthcare recruiter will have a strong relationship with the NHS and the private healthcare sector, which means they are the first to hear about new opportunities before they go on job boards.

When a new opportunity comes up that fits your needs and skills, recruiters can help approach the companies on your behalf and push you forward as a good candidate.

4. Recruiters save you time

The recruitment teams are experts in what they do. Working with a recruiter means you get to spend less time applying for jobs that do not suit your working style or ambitions.

From day one, recruiters can put you in touch with the hiring manager and support you throughout the whole recruitment process.

5. Free advice

A healthcare recruiter doesn’t just look at CVs, they offer consultations so that they can find the right role for you. A lot of the time they will meet with candidates through zoom or face-to-face and consult them. They will sometimes not place candidates straight away, but the advice given is always free and worthwhile.

6. Summarise your CV

Good recruiters will take the time to look at your CV and sculpt it to suit a role so that when they send it to companies, they can see what you can do and why you suit the role.

You may have spent a lot of time working on your CV, but a recruiter will know how to adapt it in the right way, which highlights who you are and why you meet the requirement a company is looking for.

7. You stay in the database

Even if you aren’t a perfect fit for a role, you will stay on a recruiter’s database, for future positions that are more suited. Recruiters use a tracking system to help sort candidates out and their preferences so that they can stay on top of new opportunities.

At Quantica Medical we are a specialist healthcare recruitment agency; we help you find the right role for you and can help reach your goals. If you are looking for your next healthcare role, contact us and we would be happy to help: