Is home care worker the right career for you?

Home care workers provide a vital role in helping people with their daily life such as personal care, mobility, mealtimes, and social and physical activities.

It can be an extremely rewarding industry to work in, as it provides Home Care Worker the opportunity to improve people’s living standards, lifestyle daily, helping ageing to overcome difficulties and help empower people.

What does a Home Care Worker do?

Home Care Workers key role is to help people in their daily tasks in their own homes, to ensure that they can still live independently. This allows people to live in their own homes so that they can carry on living their life like normal.

A Home Care Worker has a range of tasks that they do include:

  • Cleaning, washing, and dressing people
  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Laundry
  • Help moving around the house
  • Help paying the bills
  • Assistance with getting to and from appointments
  • Home maintenance
  • Leisure activities

Is homecare the right career for you?

If you are considering a job in Home Care worker, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you cope with stress? You never know what kind of challenges you can face each day.
  • Do you have basic clinical skills? As you will be working on your own you won’t have a team of healthcare professionals to support you.
  • Do you like being independent? As a carer you will find you will work on you own, which many people either like or dislike.

Social care is one of the few sectors, where there are long-term opportunities. There is currently 1.49 million people in the sector and it’s going to rise by 580,000 new jobs by 2035. Along with job security, there is an opportunity to discover new roles, learn new skills and get promotions.

Do I need to possess any particular skills or qualities?

While you don’t have to have a qualification or previous experience to work in homecare, there are certain qualities to help you succeed in this role.

  • You need to show you have a genuine concern for the welfare of others
  • Respectful of people from diverse backgrounds
  • A friendly attitude
  • Being a flexible
  • Being a good communicator
  • Able to be sensitive to a person’s needs
  • Punctual and good time keeping skills
  • Always eager to learn new skills

What are the working hours?

For fulltime home care worker you can expect to work 35–40 hours a week, with part time roles varying in hours.

The social care sector tends to work on shifts to help meet individual’s needs, this can suit certain lifestyles such as working parents. This allows the opportunity to work flexible shifts like mornings so you can collect your children after school. There are however opportunities to work extra hours in the evenings, at weekends and bank holidays.

What makes a career in home care so rewarding?

If you are really interested in Home Care Worker, there are some benefits:

  • You make a genuine difference in the community
  • Solving challenges and improving the quality of life for clients
  • Lots of flexibility with work schedules
  • Loads of progression in the role

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