Agency nurse

6 Benefits of becoming an Agency Nurse

Becoming an Agency Nurse can be an extremely rewarding way of working for nurses at any stage in their career. Whether you are newly qualified, permanent, or an NHS nurse it can suit anyone.

As an Agency Nurse, you will work on temporary or ‘locum’ contracts, in various healthcare settings, rather than having a permanent single employer.   

Becoming an agency nurse has a wide variety of benefits, such as:  

Gives you more flexibility  

Working as an Agency Nurse gives you the flexibility to choose the contracts that suit you and your lifestyle. Whether you have kids, are studying, or looking to work only certain hours, you can slot in your shifts around what you’re doing. 

Speak with the team at Quantica Medical, provide your availability and we can find a role that suits you.   

You can develop your skill set   

Working in an agency provides an opportunity to work in a variety of environments, to learn new systems and gain experience in areas that you aren’t yet familiar with.  

Choosing different contracts can help you grow your skillset and experience. You’ll also be presented with chances to be adaptable and hit the ground running on every new contract.  

Potential to earn a higher wage   

As an Agency Worker, you may find you’re on a better wage, especially if you have a lot of availability. There are additional opportunities to earn more with night shifts, bank holidays, and last-minute contracts.  

Range of opportunities   

Healthcare staff agencies have built up many networks and relationships with both NHS and private healthcare providers, so they have access to a vast range of locum roles each month. 

You may take on multiple contracts and even back-to-back assignments that can suit your lifestyle if you want to.   

Create a professional network of your own   

Completion of a variety of contracts can be very useful for you, especially if you like a particular contract or employer. The people you connect with can recommend you for other positions or upcoming opportunities as you have created that network to tap into.  

Ongoing career support  

Working with Quantica Medical means access to specialists who know you and your skills and can offer guidance in picking the right contracts. Our team understands your career goals and can help you focus better.   

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