Winter is coming…and Doctor’s are worried.

Cold and Flu season is no stranger to the winter months however, the NHS is still facing the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 so are we equipped to handle the seasonal flu alongside?

“Doctors believe the NHS is inadequately prepared for the winter months, a poll from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has found.” Medics have argued that they do not feel personally prepared to deal with upcoming pressures. Seasonal flu brings with it a lot of worry, but now more than ever Doctor’s are fearful for their coping mechanisms. Many medics mentioned they are suffering from exhaustion and feeling demoralised “overall, 37% of staff said they were demoralised and 33% felt pessimistic.”, and with more added pressure going into winter, it is concerning how well the NHS will cope.

Members of the NHS have commented that they “hope the government recognises and reinforces our workforce and supports us.” With the RCP mentioning the need for a workforce plan to ensure enough staff for now and in the future, the NHS are feeling particular pressure to keep up with the challenges of winter months.

Overall the NHS need to see further commitment from the government to deliver a consistent and thorough plan to get through the winter months. This includes a plan to develop workforce requirements “some things, such as embracing flexible working will help to improve morale now while increasing the size of the workforce will ensure that in future, staff never feel as under pressure and undervalued as they do today.”

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