COVID-19: NHS staff just as worried about pressures now as during peak of pandemic.

NHS Staff have their concerns going into Winter Months…

More than 80% of 1000 staff surveyed by NHS Charities Together have said that problems are still growing significantly and it will ‘take years for the NHS to recover from the current crisis.’ With cold and Flu season around the corner, hospitals face an influx of patients suffering with respiratory issues. With not enough beds to cater for everyone, Doctors and Nurses are commenting on the strain on their mental health. ‘Two thirds of staff have experienced psychological problems, including anxiety and depression, since the start of 2020.’

With concerns raising around the mental health of our healthcare workers, what can be done to reduce the strain currently on the NHS going into winter months? Many NHS staff are only able to access therapy and support because of donations to charities. As mainstream society is returning back to normal, hospitals are still feeling the after affects of COVID and are facing a continued strain brought with seasonal flu.

One of the most important things we can all continue to do to support the NHS is to be aware of our symptoms, continue to wear face coverings and test regularly. Doctors and nurses have been named heroes for the stress and sadness they have endured, so let’s show our support this season by looking after one another and showing our support to those around us.

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