National No Smoking Day

Today is national no smoking day

What better time to kick the habit and start living your SmokeFree life!

We interviewed our Credit Control Manager, Linden Turner, so he can talk about his experience on quitting smoking. Below are the answers he gave us based on his journey:

  • Why did you quit? I had enough of it/over it, getting older so wanted to be healthier and wasn’t enjoying it anymore/needed a lifestyle change which started with quitting smoking.
  • When was your First Day Smoke free? 03/04/21, for some reason I decided to start on Good Friday and had the long Easter weekend to keep it up, away from work/stress, lots of easter eggs were consumed!!!
  • How was Battling Withdrawal and Cravings? I never really had cravings, hardest thing was breaking the habit (morning cigarette, cigarette with a coffee, cigarette after dinner, food, etc. The hardest thing for a while was going to the pub and not having a cigarette with a beer! It really is all in the mind/will power!
  • Tell us more about the app you use: Seeing the different goals or milestones hit on the app was a real motivator. I’ve definitely noticed the health benefits, small things like not being so tired after climbing stairs etc.
  • Is there anything you want to say to smokers? Don’t put pressure on yourself to quit straight away/cold turkey. Set goals, cut down, vape, think of the benefits of not smoking.
  • Anything else you wanted to say: Good luck to anyone that is thinking about doing it, it’s a tough but rewarding journey that you won’t regret (well maybe sometimes).

A big thank you to Linden on sharing your story and a massive well done to you too!

We wish you the best of luck on your smoke free journey!