COVID-19 vaccination program has been delivered to all care home residents

The NHS should consider themselves proud for having successfully vaccinated (first-dose) to 300,000 residents in care homes for older people and around 400,000 staff in residential care in England.

Britain was the first Western country to start mass vaccine administration two months ago, and to date, more than 13 million people have already been vaccinated in the country.

“We – says Boris Johnson – said we would prioritise and protect care home residents, and that is exactly what we have done”.

It is indeed a great success for the worldwide fight against the pandemic. Especially for elder people who have had little contact with their families and the outside world, it has given a glance of hope, which we all need.

It was said by NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens “the result of an amazing partnership working between our GPs, community nurses and care homes”.

Everyone is onboard, even 600 Imperial medical students signed up to offer their support in the vaccination campaign, providing assistance for post-vaccine observations.

Although there is still not enough evidence to draw in-depth conclusions, it seems like the vaccination campaign has reduced cases in the high-risk groups that have received the jab.

Moreover, according to the latest lab results, it seems that the vaccine triggered a good immune response in younger adults within two weeks. In older people, that appeared to happen after about three weeks, they said.

Next in line are the third priority group – 6.3m people – are those who are 18-64 with underlying health conditions. Those citizens may make up the largest group of people eligible for vaccination, and those who have yet to be vaccinated are still highly vulnerable.

If vaccinations continue at current rates, with more than 400,000 doses of vaccines administered daily, also group 5 and 6 could be eligible for first doses by early March. This could take place before the need for large amounts of second doses arises by the beginning of spring.

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